Project Description

Port of Vancouver Proposed Terminal Expansion

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is a proposed new container terminal in Delta, BC that would provide additional capacity needed to meet forecasted demand for the trade of goods in containers. As a component of pre-environmental assessment activities, Port Metro Vancouver asked Compass for advice and support in implementing a series of Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings. The process was intended to improve the quality and completeness of information available for a potential future environmental assessment by providing a forum for early input from regulators, academics, environmental non-governmental organizations, and First Nations.

Compass designed and facilitated four multi-party technical committee processes to address issues related to Southern Resident Killer Whales (endangered status), Biofilm and Shorebirds, Estuary Productive Capacity and Coastal Geomorphology. We worked with technical and environmental assessment specialists to identify the key questions that would likely be asked if and when the project proceeded to the formal regulatory process. The process was designed using a structured decision-making framework, with a focus on enabling participants to provide informed input on the selection of valued components and indicators, key impact pathways, appropriate assessment methodologies and modeling tools, key information gaps, key considerations related to cumulative effects, and monitoring and mitigation issues and opportunities. Structured methods for eliciting expert judgment were used to aid experts in reaching agreement on recommendations.



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