Project Description

BC Hydro Integrated Energy Plan

BC Hydro’s 2006 Integrated Electricity Plan (IEP) was a long-range planning document that assessed the demand and supply options available to meet the province’s electricity needs while considering reliability, cost, and social and environmental factors. The planning process brought together government agencies and the public to explicitly explore the options and how well they performed at meeting their needs over the coming 20 years.

Compass designed and facilitated a series of 14 First Nation and public workshops around the province and provide decision analysis support to a provincial advisory committee. We developed interactive decision support tools that were used to facilitate and elicit value-based information on First Nations and stakeholders’ preferred trade-off choices for new energy options over the next 20 years. These decision support tools facilitated an exchange of technical and value-based information among people with very different levels of technical literacy and very different perspectives on the various future energy scenarios under consideration. As part of this work, Compass also provided technical support and advice to BC Hydro’s internal process team and for external communications activities, and trained and supported a First Nations facilitator who led 8 sessions in First Nations communities around the province.




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