Policy, Planning, and Management

We’ve helped decision makers in many different sectors – water, land, forestry, fisheries, wildlife, air, contaminants, energy and mining to name a few – develop and evaluate innovative policies, plans and regulations. We know how to engage the public, key stakeholder groups and First Nations in meaningful consultation and to facilitate constructive dialogue about both facts and values. We make sure that everyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise, can provide informed input that’s directly relevant for management and policy.

We also know how to work with expert panels and deal with competing hypotheses and “dueling experts” – including scientific experts as well as traditional and local knowledge holders. We know what constitutes best practice in developing and evaluating public policy, and what will stand up to technical, public and regulatory scrutiny.

And critically, we understand the political and institutional landscape, the role of governance and co-governance in successful resource management, and how to develop plans and policies that have buy-in from all the key players.

Some of our recent applications include:

  • Water Use Plans
  • Species Recovery Plans
  • Caribou Range Plans
  • Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Plans
  • Water Monitoring Plans
  • Area-based Water Quality Management Plans
  • Cumulative Effects Management Frameworks
  • Wildfire Management Plans
  • Transboundary Water Agreements
  • Adaptive Management Plans
  • Land Use and Recreation Management Plans