We work for a range of clients including federal, provincial / state / territorial and municipal governments, indigenous governments and communities, governmental and multi-party agencies and committees, and private companies, in Canada, the United States and further afield, on decisions that affect the public interest.


Because our mission is to support the quality of public decision making, most of our clients are governments of one form or another – federal, provincial/state/territorial, local and indigenous governments. We’re committed to supporting more informed, inclusive and transparent government decisions.

Indigenous Groups

Indigenous groups (including First Nations, Tribes, Metis and Inuit) have unique rights, interests, knowledge and worldviews. We tailor our work to their needs and are committed to trust-based relationships and long-term capacity building. We particularly focus on finding creative and respectful ways of incorporating traditional knowledge into public planning processes.

Multi-Party Committees

We’ve helped dozens of interagency and multi-party committees work collaboratively to develop plans and policies in consideration of their diverse mandates and perspectives. Improving the collaborative decision-making capacity of these groups is our core business and passion.

Private Companies

We provide neutral third-party facilitation and analysis for private companies who are responsible for implementing planning or decision processes that affect stakeholders and public resources. In these, as in all cases, our commitment is to the quality and integrity of the decision process; we will never work to advance any private interest.