The North

Supporting the unique needs and opportunities of northern and indigenous communities and governments, co-management regimes, traditional knowledge systems, and the delicate balance between ecological, social, and economic values.

Bathurst Caribou Range Plan
clmt cumultv-efct fish-wld frst-lnds indg pln-plcy spcs-rsk stk-fcl sdm twg nrth trns-bndry
Boreal Caribou Range Planning in NWT
cumultv-efct fish-wld frst-lnds spcs-rsk stk-fcl sdm nrth
Pacific Walrus Decision Support
clmt dst ex-jgmt fish-wld indg rsk spcs-rsk twg nrth
Nunavut Community Climate Adaptation
adapt-mgmt clmt indg infr nrth
Yellowknife Recreation Planning
frst-lnds indg stk-fcl sdm nrth
Mackenzie Basin Bilateral Water Management Agreements
cumultv-efct pln-plcy stk-fcl twg nrth trns-bndry water