Project Description

Applying Structured Decision Making to Transportation Planning

TransLink is Metro Vancouver’s transportation authority with responsibilities for regional transit, cycling, and commuting options. TransLink is committed to providing a transportation system for a sustainable region. To TransLink, sustainability means taking into account how their transportation systems can achieve the best outcomes for Metro Vancouver’s residents, the regional economy, and the environment.  Over the last few years, TransLink has been exploring the application of structured decision making (SDM) to assist with the complex task of planning and managing a transportation system for multiple objectives.

Compass provided SDM training to TransLink in 2014 and has provided ‘on call’ strategic advice on strategic transportation initiatives ever since. This has included advice on applying SDM in TransLink’s 10-year Investment Plan and their Transit Fare Review.  Graham Long and Sally Rudd are also regular guest speakers on SDM methods in Simon Fraser University’s Next Generation Transportation Certificate Program.



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