Project Description

Elk Valley Water Quality Plan – A Technical Advisory Committee process

On April 15, 2013, the BC Minister of the Environment issued a Ministerial Order to Teck Coal Limited (Teck) requiring the company to prepare an Area Based Management Plan for the Elk Valley to address water quality effects of past coal mining activities and to guide future development. The water quality parameters of concern for the Plan were selenium, cadmium, nitrate, sulphate, and calcite formation. A component of the Order was the establishment of a nine-member technical advisory committee (TAC) to provide science-based technical advice to Teck and to the public during the development of the Plan.

Compass provided independent facilitation of the TAC process, which involved designing and implementing the process by which the TAC provided advice on the water quality effects assessment undertaken by Teck. The TAC met between September 2013 and July 2014 and generated over 700 technical recommendations for Teck to consider in the development of their Plan. Click here to see the TAC website developed by Compass to provide information to the public on the TAC process.



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Project Details

  • ClientTek Coal Ltd (Teck)